About Us

i-Search was established in February 2000 as a London based search firm offering specialist markets based recruitment and consultancy services to a small number of global investment banks and electronic exchanges. This has expanded to include clients across funds management and the insurance industry. The founding partners are all former managers at top tier commercial and investment banks and bring deep product and market knowledge coupled with personal experience as users of headhunting organisations.

Our primary role is to understand our clients' strategies and goals. Through targeted, considered and effective consultation we help to achieve those recruitment goals. i-Search has been designed to harness markets expertise to a rigorous and flexible methodology which provides fast and effective human capital solutions for clients. To this end we have built a qualitative database of the best talent in our fields and we can tailor our service to our clients' requirements. 

With the advent of internet based recruitment tools such as LinkedIn, and the growth of internal talent acquisition teams and process outsourcing organisations, our service continues to differentiate itself through the partner's ability to adapt to and interpret a complex landscape of specialist and rapidly evolving disciplines and products. Our clients appreciate deep understanding and long experience, and they recognise the value in engaging with i-Search to access the level of knowledge needed to engage with, evaluate and motivate highly accomplished candidates. In this age of universal access the key deliverable is the quality of dialogue and completing the assignment.

We believe that we have a unique organisation that delivers insightful and meaningful solutions. Since 2000 the i-Search ethos has propelled our firm into a position of market leadership with an outstanding record of search completion.